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September 8th || 2 to 3 PM EST

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Meet the Hosts

Experts in IT and Cybersecurity Career Opportunities

Ganga Bathula

Founder and Program Director of Global Institute of Technology (GIT)

Ganga Bathula has extensive experience in Information Technology Workforce Development. He provided tens and thousands of certifications for career opportunities in IT & Cybersecurity.




James Stanger

CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist

James Stanger, Ph. D., is an authority in security, open-source, network administration, and IT education.




What you will learn in this webinar

In this exclusive webinar with CompTIA and GIT, our speakers will  explore how cybersecurity works and explain the current industry  trends and the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. 

This FREE webinar will help you: 


  • Discover the power of certifications with James Stanger, CTE  at CompTIA 
  • Learn how Covid-19 has affected career opportunities and  increased the demand for Cybersecurity Professionals

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Limited seats only